Thursday, March 12, 2015

A leader drawn from our own legends

Despite the legend of the Gatherer and his anticipated arrival,  many of the rulers of Irindia  band together under the leadership of the Lady Akara Nene andf the flag of an ancient House.  Lady Nene is the ruler of her own territory and like all for the other lords and ladies of Irindia, she is bound in service to the imperial family, in this case, the besieged empress.  She calls together other lords and thousands of warriors for a campaign that she hopes will free her land of Draga and his arm.  And like any other leader, she is beset with a host of problems, from those who don't agree with her plans to personal histories that she can't seem to get away from.  As a warrior in a man's world, she must be harder and more fierce than the lords around her but she cannot defeat this army alone, she need allies and she looks to other races that inhabit the land, such as the Selcar and Centaur, eventually even the elves.
For someone like this, I needed to got into history and pull out some of the legendary women warriors of our own past.  I looked to Japan's Nanako Tekedo, Ireland's legendary Queen Medb
and even Hollywood's latest incarnation of Guinevere.  For Nene, honor is something she takes very seriously and she's bound to defend her land and her Empress as are those around her.  But she is also surrounded by powerful personalities like Gen Brahn, Lord Kensu and Lord Croix as well as her advisor, a wizard named Olma.
Her only hope in freeing her land from Lord Draga is to defeat the army that he has thrown at her before she heads north for the palace that he's taken for his master.  But against a powerful wizard, she will need more than her army but all of the magic she can bring to bear against Draga and his master.

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