Monday, May 30, 2016

Chronicles of Irindia Trailer 0001

Cover Reveal of The Chronicles of Irindia Book 1


The Chronicles Of Irindia
Book One: The Gatherer

   David Sanchez wants nothing more to be some place else.  Anywhere is better than a farm in rural North Carolina where he is forced to move with his parents when his father takes a job as a manager of a new restaurant.  One day, he buys a curious carving at a local flea market from an equally curious old man.  That night after an argument with his mother, he makes that wish while holding the carving and he accidentally opens a doorway to a world more fantastic than anything he could have imagined. 
   David awakens in a land called Irindia where he’s greeted by a wizard named Suma.  Suma tells him that the only way back is through a gateway locked in the tower of the Empress Alassa but that the tower is under the control of a dark wizard named Lord Draga who seeks to control the gate himself.  In order for David to return home, he must defeat the powerful wizard and free the empress from her prison.  Only one known as the Gatherer, wielding The Stone of Arimeth, can only defeat the wizard. 
   Guided by Suma who begins David’s education in his use of magic and destiny and an ancient race of being called the Ancients, David begins his quest for the scattered pieces of the stone and the truth about who and what he is.  His first stop is the city of Kesibet and the society of wizards known as the Soh’Magi where he is to discover his true identity.
   Together with Suma, he crosses a land filled with fantastic creatures and great danger while Lord Draga builds an army to wipe out all resistance and secure the land for his dark master.  


The cover was based on an idea I had, not only for the original, which I have to admit was done so much better than I could have done, but on the various sketches I'd done before that were the impetus for the story itself.  It was this image that had propelled me into putting words behind the image and to begin creating this world that is Irindia.  I gave the original cover piece to an old friend and he turned what looked like a comic book cover into what you see here.

D. John Watson grew up in Mansfield Connecticut, near the main campus of UCONN.  Growing up asthmatic, he spent a lot of time reading and drawing.  He fell in love with the possibilities of fantasy and science fiction used those to fuel his art with an eye to becoming a professional illustrator.   His love of these genres drew him first to study art at another nearby university and then to turn those illustrations into writing. 
While researching a short story, he took a sample martial arts class and was soon on his way to accomplishing something that he never expected to do as a child, becoming a martial instructor.  He became an assistant instructor and eventually the rank of 2nd Dan. 
D. John was also a contributing columnist for All Authors Magazine and has published two short stories in All Authors Publishing House’s Concordant Vibrancy anthologies. 
D. John is married and lives with his wife and son in western Mass., where he works as a restaurant manager and is currently working on the next chapter in the Chronicles of Irindia series as well as other projects.

D. John Watson can be found at Facebook
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Original cover image by Jay van Schelt  More fantastic digital art by Mr. van Schelt can be found  at Deviant Art.