Friday, January 30, 2015

Introduction to Irindia


In every story, the hero must have something or someone he has to fight against, something that is strong enough to best him And a force that will define him.  For David, this comes in the form of Lord Draga, a dark wizard who is consumed by the evil that he has summoned.  Draga was trained from a young age in the magical arts but he  became obsessed with learning the more arcane, darker magic of Irindia.   His father is a powerful wizard and a member of the Soh'Magi.  He refuses to teach his son  the dark arts and his refusal only serves to make Draga more determined to learn.  This overshadows everything and it becomes the real driving force in turning Draga into the darkest force Irindia has seen in generations.  His greed for knowledge warp his values and he eagerly accepts the offer of the deamon Jumbdah Sek who sees Draga as a way to enter Irindia.

  Evil is a powerful force in and like many who seek it out or accept it, Draga doesn't see the true nature of the deamon or the treachery it is capable of.  He sees only the power of the magic being offered to him and he first uses it to avenge himself on this he felt  have wronged him, starting with  his father by leveling his home village.  But will a deamon really share his power?

  For Draga, I looked to characters we all know, they're the ones that are driven by their on needs and they're blind to the pain they inflict on others,  We all know people like this, maybe not to this magnitude but we've dealt with bullies, seen evil in historical characters.  For me, Draga was a bully who wanted what he shouldn't have and lashed out when someone offered it to him, without asking the price.  And will he be willing to pay that price.  


   If you were given the chance to save a world, what would you do?  For David Sanchez, the hero of my new YA series, The Chronicles of Irindia, this is more than that, it's a destiny he can't avoid.  And it's the only way he can return to his own.  David is like any other teenager, he's into sports and games and he doesn't always see eye to eye with his parents.  That is something that's made worse when he's uprooted again and moved to rural North Carolina.   And when he makes a silent, selfish wish, he get exactly what he asks for, to be someplace else.  Except the you really need to be careful what you with for, you may just get it.  And get it he does in form or a destiny he can't run away from.  For  David, there's only one  way home, he has to defeat  one of the biggest evils this land has ever faced and so begins his  journey through a land where magic and.myths are very real.  David is just an ordinary kid with an extraordinary fate who is not only going to have to fight his way across a landscape that 's beautiful and dangerous, but learn the magic he will need to defeat this evil.

  The true reality of this world and the dangers come after he is chased across a savannah and uses the magic he is learning out of panic and uses it to kill. For David this is a dramatic turn of events and one that shows him the dangers of the world he is in.  In the end, he is awakened to what he is, the Gatherer, the only one who can assemble the pieces of the Stone of Irindia and use its power.
Now all he has to do is survive the dangers of the land he's in and return to his own.

  Many people have asked where I got the inspiration from and to be honest, it started out as a mental picture I drew a few times and there were several incarnations.  Eventually it got to the point where I knew there was a story there that had to be told.  And for David, I looked at my son and many of the aspects of his life and relationships. both with me and his fascinations with games.  I like to think that this would be how he would react if he were David.  David is rebellious but determined.  He knows what he has to do and although he doesn't like, it's the only way he can return to his family.

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